I accidentally read the rules

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I just deep throated a jersey mikes sub AMA

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In all seriousness, I was once contacted by a group of what I'm calling aliens. They contacted me via brain to brain communication. I was in my room and a bright light appeared out the window. I remember seeing figures standing outside and thinking to myself "why aren't I freaking out, those are aliens standing there". Thats when they started "talking" to me. It's like they heard me thinking that and jumped into the thought process. The feeling of contentment and calm remained as they began conversing with me. They weren't angry or evil or anything like that, they just explained where they came from which I didn't understand at the time and I still don't. But they just said they were studying humans and occasionally they make contact with them via this method. I get the feeling that they're still studying me, but they've never made contact since and didn't indicate that they were or are consistently studying me in particular. Why would they contact me just to tell me they study humans? It seemed like it was over in an instant, before I knew it they light and figured were just gone and I was staring out the window into the dark. Still very clam, but then I started to think about everything that just happened and kinda worried but am still calm about the whole thing. I don't know what to make of it. The more I think about that night the more questions I have for them. I wish they'd come back and let me communicate with them again.
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Sharing is NOT caring (it's illegal)
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Come take a seat right over here. I am the bald beaver hunter

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Me and the bois (we're all apes)
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Once again I sit here waiting to go to sleep.

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Textboards are for monkeys.

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Benis :D

Is this information necessary for mankind?
[ x ] Yes [ ] No

Is this information necessary for the board I am posting it to?
[ x ] Yes [ ] No

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Forcing a title on new threads is rape

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it's kind of racist when you don't use a title

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Why do people hate frog posting so much?

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northpolers are all spammhers and never read the rules , I think they should be banned for 30 minutes to read the rules then take a test to ensure they read the rules. If you see nopo/a/ posters be sure to refer them to the rules of ylilauta because every thread there was spam and that's why Sopsy had to kill the board

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Oh yeah, deploy me daddy!

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pigeon sex

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Never Forget!

The Kotka Walrus!

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